Friday, April 26, 2013


I shall dye my hair orange she said.
Your hair looks beautiful just as it is he said.
But I will look younger she said.
You are perfect as you are he said.

If we were married you'd drench me in diamonds she said.
More than diamonds he said.
You'd make me giveaway my costume jewelry she said.
I would cover you in emeralds he said.

Come sail away with me down the Danube he said.
I'll still wear jeans and tennis shoes she said.
We will glide past castles and forests on a small river boat he said.
I won't ever want to go home she said.

Are you coming today he said. I shall save half the croissant.
No not today she said. I am eating with the ladies.
Tomorrow then he said.
Yes she said. I'll be there tomorrow.

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