Tuesday, April 30, 2013


on her last day
she sent a long email
a bubba misa
a life story
in her 42 years she wrote
she had never had so much trouble

a young daughter
an older man
hacked bank accounts
stolen credit cards
a rape
a beating

please don't throw us out
we have nowhere to go
no relatives to take us in
they don't want us
wrote the mother of the fallen princess
telling her tale of woe

the eviction stands we write back
it cannot be altered
it is out of our hands
had we known
things might have been different
we are sorry

she pleads and apologizes
shows remorse
almost garners sympathy
but we remember the bad checks
and the last bubba misa
we are sorry we say again

we collect the back rent
heave a sigh of relief
move on
find someone new
knowing that in six months
there would have been another bubba misa

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